Thursday, March 25, 2010

Broken Warrior Princess

Ok,... so I know the picture is a little... bent, ....but this is what I saw after my kids begged me to let them go outside to play. I had just gotten out of the shower, and it was the first nice day in months, so I told them to go ahead and I would be down as soon as I was dressed. I had just finished pulling my hair back into a ponytail and getting my pants and shirt on when the kids came running back in the apartment. Mariah was carrying her right arm with her left hand and she said very calmly, " I think I broke my arm." The sarcastic and frantic Mom in me replied with, " REALLY, YA THINK." I inquired how this happened and she said she was climbing up the slide the wrong way and a boy pushed her off. ~UGHHHHHHHHH :)-

Duane had just gotten home from work and I called him and told him that I was on my way out the door with her to go to the ER, and would he please stay with the boys until our good friend Allison could get to the apartment, and he said "are you sure it is broken?" I said, I am pulling up outside your apartment right now, come look. He looked and then said, "yep, see ya later." Within the hour Duane was by her side and was very supportive,... like the Dad she never had.
The next picture was taken just after Duane had arrived and brought her 2 worldly possessions that she wanted to take with her into surgery. Before the Dr showed up, the nurse came in to start her IV and antibiotic to stop the possibility of infection and she loved the morphine. It took 2 doses to see the color come back to her face and see her relax. She was not happy about the IV and this was the only time she cried... Poor thing, I think it was just the last pain nerve she had. The Dr. said that she could take what ever she wanted as long as she was not scared. What a great Dr. and Duane was so great. He was at the hospital with her every day and was there the night that she had surgery until almost 1am to make sure that she was going to be ok... maybe a little moral support for her Mommy too! Thanks Duane, we love you!!!
The puppy is a gift from her Uncle Dan a year ago on Valentines Day....The Blanket was a gift from her Gradma Patti,.... Both were her highest priority. At this point I had yet to see her, minus the IV, cry. On occasion she would yell out,... "OUCH IT HURTS!!" However, that was it and man was she brave. Our sweet Aunt Mandi sent her beautiful flowers that inside the card said something about being strong like a "Warrior Princess" and she has definitely done just that. She IS a Warrior Princess.
The next picture was taken just prior to surgery. Normally they didn't allow parents in this area, but she was very nervous and wanted her Mommy at her side. The Anesthesiologist gave her a "cocktail in her IV and within seconds she was asleep. The following picture was about 2 seconds before she closed her eyes and was gone for a 2.5 hour nap. However, I believe she has had better naps and woken up with a whole lot less pain.

So, the day after surgery, she slept most of the time. But it didn't take her long to notice that her fingers were very swollen and sensitive. She was very weak and couldn't do many of the things that she loved to do before, or that she took for granted that she would have to learn how to do with her left hand. The hardest was to use the potty, and eating a meal without half of it landing in her lap was very frustrating as well. I do think that climbing up slides the wrong way may be a thing of the past for her. LOL
The next picture was of her at home after 53 hours in the hospital,... We were both glad to be home and she was happy to have received as many nice gifts from family and friends as she did. Her teacher and friends at school made get well cards for her which we posted all over the wall in her room above her bed. It was so great to feel the love and support from everyone. We thank you and hope that somehow and some way, the Lord will bless you all for your thoughts, "Get Well Wishes" and prayers.
This is the VERY YUMMY cookie basket that she got within 24 hours of getting home from the hospital. She loved it and Cookies really are the "Best Medicine."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Alright, this litttle girl captured my heart tonight as I was putting her to bed. She said to me as I was doing the nightly back bubbing and song, (with tears in her eyes) "Mommy, I am just so happy tonight!" I inquired why she felt so happy and she said, " because I have the greatest Mom in the whole world". Ahhhh,.... She brought tears to my eyes and said, "Mommy I hope you know you are a great mommy and even though you lost your job, you are doing a great job".
How is it that she knew I needed that little act of kindness? It will always be a very special moment. AHHH,.... the greatest moments as a mom come in the still quiet moments when I least expect them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mariah's 7th Birthday Party
The Princess is always a princess and always finds the beauty in everything and in everyone. I will tell you that every year I say I am NEVER throwing another party for my kids again because I spend WAY to much money and no one ever shows. Well we had 2 girls come and we had a lovely time decorating cupcakes, painting finger nails and watching a princess movie of course. Mariah may not know that she is not a real princess, but to me she is better than any fairy tale princess she is MY miracle and MY dream come true. She is the ONLY true Princess I know!! Until today she thought that Cinderella really did exist. She cried when I told her that Cinderella is just a fairy tale. I was so sad for her when she realized that this world did not exist in real life. A life she now knows she will never visit. :(

Monday, June 15, 2009


Home is where the heart is,....

Home can be a heaven on earth where we are filled with love, bringing happiness and joy, rich blessings from above. I have to say, I love my new home. I love the stability that it provides for me and my kids. I love that when I come through the doors that I feel that I belong,.. that I have a place to hang my hat so to speak and that I am safe,... that WE are safe. Safe from the elements, safe from the ugly world we live in. I love my life and I love my new job... I love that I can provide this for my kids,... they deserve this!! I love my savior and I love the life he has given to me! It may not be what I had always wanted,... for me to be a single mom,... but I have been blessed. I see great blessings in my life and in my kids lives.